About us

IOG created Project Catalyst as Cardano’s innovation engine and one of the world's most significant decentralized grant funds. Catalyst supports ecosystem growth and innovation by providing a dynamic and effective environment where the Cardano community can explore the highest potential of human collaboration and impact.

Cardano belongs to all ada holders, so decisions about how the ecosystem grows should be in the community’s hands. Ultimately, a self-funding Cardano is the very definition of an autonomous flywheel of innovation, which is the goal of Project Catalyst.

As the Catalyst Operator, it's the responsibility of the IOG Catalyst team to run all administrative and operational aspects of the funding rounds. With Project Catalyst, the IOG Catalyst team has effectively constructed a public square for grassroots innovation – a communal space for every ada holder to exchange ideas, challenge themselves, and collaborate on shaping the future of Cardano.

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