About Fund10

What is the benefit of adding Catalyst Operator and Catalyst Systems Improvements categories to Fund10? Why did you decide to do this?

When we dig into the blockchain industry's core principles, people generally agree on a few essential things: decentralization, sustainability, and transparency. These new categories reinforce and enhance all of these aspects of Project Catalyst in distinct ways. Various components of Catalyst's operation are gradually decentralizing through the community review process, verification of achievements, and challenge setting. Introducing new categories expands the community's ability to cooperate and co-create Catalyst alongside the Catalyst team. They now have the authority to select the program's administrators, determine which features the Catalyst system should incorporate, and run new experiments enabled by the continuous testnet. Moreover, the new categories foster increased transparency regarding each community member's responsibilities and deliverables. This transparency promotes more substantial alignment throughout the entire community, ensuring that everyone is moving in the same direction and avoiding duplication of efforts.

How does Fund10 fit into Cardano’s broader goal of decentralized governance and the age of Voltaire?

Voltaire is a more comprehensive overall governance structure designed to advance inclusive accountability for the future of Cardano. Within the Voltaire structure, specifically under CIP-1694 and the MBO (Intersect, a Members-Based Organization), a streamlined process exists to facilitate funding requests for the technical development of the Cardano protocol. Fund10, alongside all Catalyst funds, has been dedicated to offering funding opportunities at the grassroots level. This approach aims to support smaller projects seeking to create innovative solutions that contribute to the growth and expansion of the Cardano ecosystem.

Why now, and why not wait till after Voltaire?

Project Catalyst has been prolific in funding and bringing projects to the table to build out the Cardano ecosystem at a grassroots level. As the era of Voltaire emerges, contributors within the ecosystem will be able to vote to shape the future direction of Cardano. Although delivering the on-chain voting functionality of Voltaire will require time, Catalyst's innovation must act quickly. Several tools must be developed to improve the Catalyst experience and ensure that the community can independently operate Catalyst once on-chain voting becomes available. Gaining community agreement on the direction of Catalyst is essential. Introducing the new categories sets Catalyst up with the necessary tooling to help manage reliable funding cycles once CIP-1694 goes into effect.

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