IOG Catalyst Team: Deliverables, outputs, and intended outcomes of each milestone

Catalyst Fund operations are cyclical in nature. The following deliverable described for Milestone 1 continue throughout the lifetime of the project. Milestone 2 deliverables will be broadly the same for Milestones 3 and 4, and updated for each new fund campaign.

Milestone 1 - Project Accountability and Cohort Management

Intended outcomes: The outcomes of this ongoing process is that eligible, active projects from Fund1 to Fund10 plus newly onboarded projects from Fund11 to Fund13 (otherwise referred to as the ‘cohort’ of funded projects) receive monthly disbursements and produce the deliverables they are committed to delivering. Ongoing funded-project cohort management is maintained with no disruptions to regular monthly primary and secondary funding disbursements, resulting in hundreds of completed projects contributing value to the Cardano ecosystem.


A. Project Accountability and Cohort Management

  • Catalyst public reporting tracker

  • Proof-of-Achievement verifications for each milestone

  • Two funding distributions each month covering:

  • Regular primary and secondary funding distribution to funded-projects

  • Final milestone and project completion payments

  • Catalyst rewards for Community roles

  • Compatible databases that account for changes to parameters, data design, and funding schema rules

  • Training materials to support onboarding community members for Proof of Achievement verifications

  • Catalyst Funding Ledger quarterly forecast

  • Monthly Cohort ‘Coordinator support / office hours” meetings

  • Public list of projects canceled by the proposer or terminated by Catalyst, each with supporting reasons

  • Funded projects communications

Milestone 2 - Execute Fund11 and onboard Fund11 approved projects

Intended outcomes: Fund11 has produced a cohort of proposals that have been approved by the Cardano community to receive funding; the Fund11 tally and voting results are verifiable, and a retrospective has been conducted to identify opportunities to refine and improve the program and processes.


A. Fund11 Parameters

  • Fund11 Rules Documentation

  • Fund11 Parameters Documentation

  • Fund11 Categories briefs

B. Fund11 Launch Campaign

  • Fund11 Fund Launch Guide

  • Updated website for Fund11

  • Fund Launch Blogs (at least 2 per fund campaign)

  • Fund11 MarComms & Social plans

  • Fund Launch Town Hall events

  • Stage communications

C. Fund11 Proposal Submission stage

  • Proposal submission guidelines published to Gitbook

  • Fund11 proposal submission form

  • Stage communications

D. Fund11 Community Review

  • Community Review guidelines published to Gitbook

  • Training materials for Community Reviewers and using tools

  • Registration form for Community Reviewers

  • Review allocation for Level0 and Level1 reviewers

  • Review allocation for Level2 moderators

  • Fund11 Moderation Module

  • Stage communications

E. Fund11 Catalyst Voting

  • Fund11 infrastructure environments (Catalyst pre-production, production, testnet)

  • Fund11 Voting App is available to download

  • Voter Guidelines published to GitBook

  • GitHub updated with Fund11 documentation

  • Supported wallets updated for use in Fund11

  • Live vote monitoring tooling

  • Snapshot tool

  • Check my registration tool

  • Fund11 voting data

  • Fund11 user survey

  • Internal and public dry runs before deployment of production-ready Fund11 voting

  • Stage communications

F. Fund11 Voting Tally and Auditable Results

  • Fund11 internally audited results

  • Public repository with encrypted tally

  • Fund11 Results Document

  • GitBook/Hub documentation to support independent auditing

  • Stage communications

G. Fund11 Onboarding funded-proposal cohort

  • Onboarding and Milestone funding guidelines are published to Gitbook

  • Challenge Teams have onboarded Fund11 approved projects

  • New Proof of Achievement reviewers are onboarded

  • All F11 funded-projects have produced a Statement of Milestones

  • F11 Cohort Contact address book is complete

  • F11 Seed Account ledger and transactions tracker has been updated

  • F11 Approved-projects are updated on with access to each project’s Statement of Milestones

  • Stage communications

H. Fund11 Cooldown & Retrospective

  • Fund data, tooling, and documentation housekeeping

  • Compiled Fund exit survey results

  • Fund11 Retrospective community-workshop and summary of outputs

  • Stage communications

Milestone 3 - Execute Fund12 and onboard F12 approved projects

Intended outcomes: Fund12 has produced a cohort of proposals that have been approved by the Cardano community to receive funding; the Fund12 tally and voting results are verifiable, lessons learnt from the previous fund retrospective have been implemented where viable to do so and a retrospective has been conducted to identify opportunities to refine and improve the program and processes.

Deliverables: The same list of outputs as Milestone 2, produced for the Fund12 campaign, are the stated deliverables for this milestone, covering:

  1. Fund12 Parameter preparations

  2. Fund12 Launch campaign

  3. Fund12 Proposal Submission stage

  4. Fund12 Community Review

  5. Fund12 Catalyst Voting

  6. Fund12 Voting Tally and Auditable Results

  7. Fund12 Onboarding Funded-proposal cohort

  8. Fund12 Cooldown & Retrospective

Milestone 4 - Execute Fund13 and onboard Fund13 approved projects

Intended outcomes: Fund13 has produced a cohort of Cardano community-approved proposals; Fund13 tally and voting results are verifiable, lessons learnt from the previous fund retrospective have been implemented where viable to do so and a retrospective has been conducted to identify opportunities to refine and improve the program and processes.

Deliverables: The same list of outputs as Milestone 2, produced for the Fund13 campaign, are the stated deliverables for this milestone, covering:

  1. Fund13 Parameter preparations

  2. Fund13 Launch campaign

  3. Fund13 Proposal Submission stage

  4. Fund13 Community Review

  5. Fund13 Catalyst Voting

  6. Fund13 Voting Tally and Auditable Results

  7. Fund13 Onboarding Funded-proposal cohort

  8. Fund13 Cooldown & Retrospective

Milestone 5 - Project Impact Report and evaluation of outcomes at interim and annual periods

Intended outcomes: An interim project impact report and annual project Impact report, providing analyses of outputs of the Catalyst programme that can be demonstrated to the Cardano community and wider blockchain industry, demonstrates the achievements and outputs of the Catalyst programme over the past 12 months.

Deliverables: :

A. Interim Project Impact Report and evaluation of Outcomes

  • Interim Project Impact evaluation of outcomes, including:

  • An analysis of Catalyst data since October 2023 summarized into a PDF report

  • A documented summary of outputs from community-workshops held in the first six months of the the project

  • Documented rationale for any changes that have been made to the Fund Operations processes as a result of workshops and retrospectives

B. Annual Project Impact Report and evaluation of Outcomes

An evaluation of the past 12 months covering

  • Changes to Catalyst processes

  • Lessons learnt over each iteration

  • Analysis of trends and outcomes from completed projects over the period

  • A summary of the success metrics and fund-related data over the period

  • Success stories and spotlight of funded projects

[RESOURCES & VALUE FOR MONEY] Please provide a detailed budget breakdown of the proposed work and resources.Answer:

The requested budget to deliver the proposed outcomes and maintain fund operations for the next three fund cycles over the following 12 months is ₳2,140,000 for each fund.

Cost per Fund Period is based on the 4 month period delivering the Fund stages set out in Milestone 2, for more details on the tentative timings for F11 please see Appendix B

Milestone 1 Project cohort management-price

Milestone 1 cost: ₳355,141

  • Project Milestone Review service

  • Cost: ₳118,380

  • Project Fund Distributions (Administration)

  • Cost ₳118,380

  • Catalyst Community Services (Support etc)

  • Cost: ₳118,380

Milestone 2 or 3 or 4 Preparation & Launch of Fund

Milestone 2 or 3 or 4 cost: ₳1,558,399 (per milestone)

(For illustrative purposes only Milestone 2 Fund11 stages are listed below, though these are the same for Milestone 3 Fund12 and Milestone 4 Fund13 stages)

  • Fund11 Parameters

  • Cost: ₳24,385

  • Fund11 Launch Campaign

  • Cost: ₳136,593

  • F11 Submissions Stage

  • Cost: ₳78,644

  • F11 Community Review Stage

  • Cost: ₳198,680

  • F11 Voter Registration / Snapshot / Voting

  • Cost: ₳622,946

  • F11 Tally / Auditability / Results

  • Cost: ₳202,819

  • F11 Onboarding Stage

  • Cost ₳260,768

  • Fund11 Cooldown & Retrospective

  • Cost ₳33,113

Milestone 5 Preparation of Interim and Annual Evaluation Report

Milestone 5 cost: ₳20,696

  • Interim Evaluation Report

  • Cost: ₳10,348

  • Annual Evaluation Report

  • Cost: ₳10,348

Technical Infrastructure costs ₳205,764

AWS Services, Ideascale, Jira, Google Workspace,

Slack, Zoom, Miro, Github, Pushwoosh, Docker, Github,

Grafana Cloud, Supabase, Figma,, Hubspot

Total Cost per Fund Period of 4 months: ₳2,140,000

To deliver the requirements set out in the milestones and activities described above the Catalyst Team will work in an interdisciplinary way, where multiple team members contribute to the delivery of each stage of the fund cycle covering fund parameters; fund campaign launches; proposal submissions; community review; voting stages and registration vote tally, results and auditing; project onboarding; project accountability; impact evaluation; and general fund management and operative services.

To address all of the above services, the Catalyst Team deploys as necessary;

  • Group Leads

  • Product Managers

  • Architecture Leads

  • Engineers

  • Fund Administration Product Operators

  • Catalyst Core Product Owners

  • Community Managers

  • Communications and Product Marketers

  • UX Product Designers

  • QA Testers

Catalyst Fund Operations Total Budget 12 MONTH Period: ₳6,420,000.00

[RESOURCES & VALUE FOR MONEY] Who is in the project team and what are their roles?Answer:

The Catalyst Team has 21 core members, who can also utilize, as necessary, resources across IOG, allowing the Catalyst Team to dynamically increase or scale back its resource capacity when needed to leverage UI/UX design research, full-stack development, technical and cryptographic research, and product marketing as required.

Collectively, the Catalyst leadership and core team carries over 400 years of deep technical expertise that enables Cardano to benefit from Catalyst’s decentralized innovation funding programme and innovative voting system. The organizational structure is cross-functional and multidisciplinary in nature, and is represented across two core teams: Catalyst Core and Fund Administration, as illustrated in the following Organizational Chart.

Catalyst Leadership:

Vice President, Governance: Nigel Hemsley


Nigel led the delivery of five Cardano hard-forks since Allegra, including Alonzo smart contracts and further improvements with Vasil. Nigel has been an integral member of the Cardano Ecosystem having advised across many individual elements from product strategy of the Djed stablecoin to supporting community members to build NFT DApps. Nigel now leads Voltaire which puts him into a unique position to support and oversee Catalyst. Nigel built up his expertise on distributed networks initially in the Reinsurance industry building the first grid-computing solutions for the Risk Models of Lloyd's of London and Swiss Re.

Group Lead: Kriss Baird


Kriss joined the Catalyst team in April 2021 as the first Product Owner. He has played a pivotal role in introducing new features and enhancements to the Catalyst system including privacy-preserving voting,, Catalyst Natives, project accountability, proof of achievement and milestone-based funding, and upgrading the Community Review process. Kriss is principally responsible for overseeing Catalyst's services. He has been involved in Cardano since 2017 and is deeply passionate about this disruptive startup ecosystem. Kriss has a decade of experience delivering national-scale startup funding programs. At Innovate UK, the UK Government's innovation agency, he led 25 rounds of the IC tomorrow digital innovation competition that funded hundreds of startups to develop and trial digital prototypes with leaders such as Google Chrome, Mozilla, Samsung, Sony, IBM Watson, McLaren, Intel, Universal Music Group, and more. Kriss has also held roles at digital innovation for social impact grant-maker Ufi VocTech Trust, lead at UCL's EDUCATE EdTech Accelerator, and innovation expert-in-residence at Imperial College London.

IC tomorrow: Impact evaluation for UKRI

Ufi VocTech Trust

Lead Architect: Steven Johnson



Steven has been the Lead Architect for Project Catalyst since joining the project in 2022.

He has been a Software Engineer since the Late 80’s, Architecting both hardware and software systems since the early 90’s. Steven led the systems architecture of a number of large scale projects in the Gaming and Wagering industry including casino wide monitoring systems, jackpot systems, financial auditing systems, LED display Systems and Privacy preserving routers. He designed systems delivered to Conrad Casinos, IGT, Jupiters Limited, Queensland TAB, Max Gaming, Mikohn Gaming and others in Australia, USA and Canada. Steven has a wide range of expertise as diverse as embedded hardware, communications systems, real time OS, Kernel development, Virtual Machines, Applied cryptography and Blockchain technology. He founded several successful companies and holds Patents in Time based statistical methods for Jackpot prize awarding in the USA, Australia, UK and other territories. His diverse set of interests led him to contribute to a number of Open Source projects include such projects as GDB and the ZFS File system.

Technology Lead: Sasha Prokhorenko



Sasha has been leading software development at Catalyst since joining in 2022. He is a skilled Software Engineering Lead, with over ten years of experience building software products for clients including PepsiCo, Liberty Global, and Philip Morris International. Sasha has proven expertise in multiple programming languages and frameworks and has successfully led cross-functional teams through all stages of the software development process. He embraces continuous improvement and innovation.

Product Manager: Daniel Ribar


Daniel has over 17 years of high performance track record in customer experience and business operations. He is passionate about empowering people worldwide through innovation, which began when he used bitcoin to pay his college rent in 2013. In March 2021, he joined the Catalyst team after making significant contributions to Project Catalyst by building community dashboards since the program's inception (Sep 2020). As a community liaison and efficient operator, he builds bridges between products, services, users, and communities. Outside of Catalyst, he has been involved in the Cardano ecosystem for over 5 years in roles such as a stakepool operator, Cardano ambassador, and moderator. In addition, he curated experiences for global travelers as general manager of the renowned Remote Year program. Daniel also built an operational stack for a Czech student real estate investment group where he then served as a general manager and partner. He also led a startup for young working professionals, which became the country's largest flat sharing network with over 80,000 members throughout Europe. He successfully exited these ventures to focus full-time on Cardano.

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