IOG Catalyst Team: detailed budget breakdown of the proposed work and resources

The requested total budget for developing this first iteration of Catalyst Ecosystem Accelerator is ₳2,000,000. This is a 12 Month project.

To deliver this work we require a team of Rust developers and QA engineers. We will also require front end developers to work on the UX components of Athena and designers to work on the overall applications UI design. A Site Reliability Engineer is required to manage our backend development infrastructure, and manage our test version continuous deployments.

This is a reasonably complex proposal which will also require architectural design leadership to work on and refine the technical aspects of the system, engineering management to keep the project on track, and product management to ensure the project is adhering to the scope of this proposal and the outputs are suitable for purpose.

This project also requires regular updates to the community and high levels of community engagement to properly respond to and evaluate feedback or queries we are receiving as we develop.

Test versions of Hermes and Athena to test our internal deployments will be publicly accessible. This is to allow the community to follow the progress of development and explore the available functionality without running Hermes and Athena themselves. Our objective is to allow the greatest number of Project Catalyst community members as possible to track our progress.

Fund 11 Period:

Milestone 1: Open Source Activation

Cost: ₳75,000

Milestone 2: Hermes Foundation:

Cost: ₳325,000

Fund 12 Period:

Milestone 3: Hermes Essential Modules

Cost: ₳487,500

Fund 13 Period:

Milestone 4: Hermes First Release: Platform Enabled

Cost: ₳487,500

Milestone 5: Athena First Release: Voting Regn & Ballot Box Launch

Cost: ₳625,000

Total: ₳2,000,000

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