IOG Catalyst Team: plans to share the outputs and results

Hermes and Athena will be developed and delivered under an Apache-2 open source license. A public repository will be published in the first month to house this proposal's development. The community can follow along and explore what is being delivered as development progresses.

The community will be free to review and comment on our development work as it occurs. As an open source project, we welcome community contributions to Hermes and Athena.

At each Milestone, we will publish tagged versions of the code base and a test report showing that all the proposed features are correctly built and have been delivered and tested. We will also prepare recorded demonstrations of the completed functionality, as appropriate.

Regular sessions will be conducted during the development process to discuss the work completed and ongoing and give the community access to not only check for themselves the work being delivered but to question the development team about the project to allow a better understanding of the system to be fostered between the developers and the community.

In addition to monthly progress reports and completed milestone proof of achievement ceremonies, the Catalyst team will also promote outcomes, outputs, and general progress in:

  1. Weekly newsletters: Reach: 60,000 mailing list members

  2. Weekly Town Halls: Reach: Between 1,000 viewers to 10,000

  3. Fortnightly technical development updates: Average reach per week: 3000 report readers, 60,000 Twitter views, 100 Retweets

  4. Catalyst Blogs: Average reach 5000 readers per blog based on the last 12 months

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