How does your solution address the challenge and how will it benefit the Cardano Ecosystem

How does your proposed solution address the challenge and what benefits will this bring to the Cardano ecosystem?

The proposed solution directly addresses the aims of the challenge to improve decision-making and streamline processes in Project Catalyst. It will do so in a fully open-source manner, as required by the challenge.

Catalyst users will benefit from a far more streamlined user experience and more opportunities for meaningful participation. By unifying standalone applications into a single platform interface, and removing time-boxed constraints for ideation and other activities, users will be able to spend more time crafting exceptional proposals and making well-informed decisions.

ADA holders - even those that don’t participate directly in Catalyst - will also benefit from these improvements. By lowering the barrier to entry while vastly reducing the time required to get up to speed, more holders will have the opportunity to share their ideas and opinions, bringing more community voices into the governance process.

Community developers will gain a reference implementation for interfacing with the Catalyst core backend. By pairing a mature end-to-end reference implementation with the open integration and testing capabilities of Catalyst core technology, we will enable and accelerate continued community efforts to build meaningful system improvements - whether independently or collaborating with the Catalyst Team.

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