IOG Catalyst Team: Capability to deliver, trust and accountability

Our proposal comes with minimal risk, as we have successfully delivered viable standalone proof of concept (POC) solutions to validate our approach to solving some of the biggest challenges - including wallet connect, mainnet registration, decentralized user accounts, verifiable private voting, and interfacing with Catalyst Core backend. These solutions will be married together into a single platform that offers all standalone capabilities in a single place.

Blockchain voting capabilities have been refined over 10 rounds of Catalyst, with more than 1.7 million votes cast. The Catalyst mobile app has been iterated on since Fund0, with encrypted private voting in use since Fund6. The team has deep expertise interfacing with the Catalyst Core backend for consuming parameters and key event details, fetching proposal information, and casting votes.

The Voting Center being deployed to Catalyst continuous testnet builds on the foundations of the voting app to incorporate features including delegation and dRep registration for liquid democracy, while improving the overall voting experience. In the delivery of this project, we will collect community feedback on that PoC implementation, which can be incorporated into the final unified product ready for production deployment in future Catalyst funds.

Over the past 9 months of building the Voting Center, Cardano’s ecosystem wallet teams have collaborated with the Catalyst team to implement key features including wallet connect, Cardano mainnet registration, vote delegation, and vote signing on a standalone desktop application.

In the process, communication channels and trusted relationships with wallet teams across Cardano have been established. We have also implemented and led integration efforts for new CIP changes required by our efforts, including CIP15, CIP30, CIP36, and CIP62 as demonstrated in the following link: Cardano Improvements Proposals (see CIP15, CIP30, CIP36, and CIP62 for more details).

Efforts to solve wallet connect design challenges have also sparked deep discussion and exploration of user authentication and authorization. These discussions have produced a well-defined approach for decentralized role-based access control that has received positive feedback from both community contributors and Cardano technical stakeholders.

In Fund10, (if we receive the mandate to continue as the operator of the Catalyst funding process) the team intends to deliver a standalone Snapshot Module that will allow users to easily verify their registration and check tentative voting power. This will serve as a reference for delivering similar capabilities inside the Voices platform, that can be extended to include additional roles and eligibility checks.

These solutions demonstrate team competencies in interfacing with the Cardano blockchain and Catalyst Core backend, while supporting the broad range of human processes required by Catalyst.

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