IOG Catalyst Team: detailed budget breakdown of the proposed work and resources

The requested total budget for developing this first iteration of Catalyst Voices as a functional replacement for Ideascale, the existing mobile application, and wallet interface for registration is 840,000 ADA. This is a 12 Month project.

Fund 11 Period : Open Source Activation ₳75,000

Fund 11 Period : Voices Architectural Changes, ₳150,000

Fund 12 Period : Backend & Wallet Integration ₳189,000

Fund 13 Period : Voting & Delegation Implementation ₳200,000

Fund 13 Period : Voices First Release -

Proposal Process Implementation ₳226,000

Total: ₳840,000

To deliver this work we require a small team of rust backend developers, QA engineers, front end developers, site reliability engineers and UI designers.

This is a moderately complex proposal due to the development of fully decentralized role based access control to replace the Web2 authorizations and user management required by Ideascale and other typical systems. It will also require throughout the entire project, Architectural Design to work on and refine the proposed CIPs and other technical aspects of the system, Engineering Management to keep the project on track, and Product Management that the final product delights and empowers users across the community.

This project will also require regular updates to the community and high levels of community engagement to properly respond to and evaluate feedback or queries we are receiving. Especially as it relates to refining and finalizing the CIPs necessary to underpin the operation of this Project, which will also be critical work underpinning future work both in Catalyst Voices and in future work envisioned for the “Athena” distributed Project Catalyst which we ultimately desire to have all the functionality proposed here.

We will also be building and deploying test versions of Catalyst Voices continuously to our internal test deployments, and these will be publicly accessible. This is to allow the community to easily see what state the development is in and the available functionality without needing to run the system themselves. We want to allow the greatest number of Project Catalyst community members to track our progress as possible.

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